Sunday, September 22, 2019

Building Identity Without Voice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Building Identity Without Voice - Research Paper Example There are several points where the idea of self – realization becomes a reflection of identity and the place in which one holds in society as a minority. One is the ideology of the no name woman, represented from the beginning of the book. The representation which is set by Kingston is to not have an identity or place within society. One loses their name as well as their ability to live, specifically because of the idea of marginalization that is within society. The no name woman is one which is not accepted into society because of the belief that she is pregnant outside of marriage. This is reflective of the same concept of self – identity which the narrator states and which is seen in society. â€Å"On nights when my mother and father talked about their life back home, sometimes they mentioned an ‘outcast table’ whose business they still seemed to be settling, their voices tight†¦. They could have sold her, mortgaged her, stoned her. But they had se nt her back to her own mother and father, a mysterious act hinting at graces not told me† (Kingston, 4). This example shows the relationship between self – identity and society in several ways. The mother and father’s perception is based on the instant marginalization or outcasts that are within society. This is combined with the self – representation of how one responds to society by the acts which are performed. In this instance, they disgraced themselves and the family by sending their aunt back to her family.

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