Monday, September 23, 2019

Compare and contrast nazi and communist sport Essay

Compare and contrast nazi and communist sport - Essay Example For this conclusion to be arrived at before the introduction of the DRL, sporting skills were prior made a criterion for certain events, including school graduations and were also considered necessary qualification for certain other jobs as well as being necessary for admission to universities. In Europe too, emerged one other independent body governing sporting activities elsewhere in the region. This was the communism sport. The communist sports policy in Europe had dominated some of the largest parts of Europe especially during the cold war. However, this is no longer the case. It slowly collapsed giving rise to independent bodies that governed sorts throughout the countries of Europe. Communism sports however lives on in countries like China, Cuba and North Korea. Communism sport was not everywhere recognized or either practiced, in most of the national priorities of less advanced communist nations. Nations all around the world tend to recognize communist sport and more to it, ad apting it. This in view of the research was mostly facilitated by its prior success soon after its establishment: this was particularly at the Olympics games that drew a considerably high level of attention worldwide. One particular and considerably remarkable but far-reaching aspect of the question at at hand, these referring to the communist sport was the evolution of an introduced model of sports that aimed at modernizing community. These too were intended at employing sports for utilarian purposes in view to promote health, defense, and hygiene issues among others. This newly introduced model that placed some attraction for nations in parts of Africa, Asia as well as Latin America was important. In majority of communist states, sports carried with it a huge revolutionary role of being an agent of social change with the state carrying the piloting role (Murray 73). Shifting sides to highlight the Nazi Sports, German sports in general, came to a clear rise in the sporting body, ca me up in the 1930s. This would have been prompted by several issues, among them a myth of Aryan racial superiority and physical power. The Olympics games then, being the first ever in history to cover live television. These provided an ideal setting that displayed a Nazi regime and more to that, what Hitler deemed to be his intended exploit. It would later be quoted that German sports had only one main objective, to strengthen the character of the Germans. This was to be by all means, from imbuing the country with a fighting spirit, termed to be necessary in the struggle for its existence. The Government then resulted to harnessed support for sport as part of its own drive to strengthen a particular race, to exercise political control over its citizens, in preparation of the youths for what they referred to as war. Close to all communist states faced problems of political stability. These would have its own consequences to Nation building at large, but in one way or another, had spo rts to be involved. As stated earlier, sports when facilitated by a common and stable value, experienced success repeatedly. With its involvement in Olympics gave a considerably high boost to this. Since a huge percentage of communist states were born in war torn situations, adverse poverty and the like. Sports

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