Thursday, September 26, 2019

Research methods psychology Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research methods psychology - Lab Report Example Although exercises promise vast number of health benefits, addiction may disturb the natural flow of life and create health problems. Scientists suggest chemical compounds such as endogenous opioids and catecholamines produced during strenuous exercise are responsible for auto addiction (Adams & Kirkby, 2002). Some researchers believe exercise addiction is a result of psychological condition related with body image and composition. Anorectic or bulimic individual may develop exercise addiction to reduce their body weight instead of vomiting. People in special professions such as long distance athletes, models, dancers etc., in which the thinness is much appreciated, are more vulnerable for exercise addiction (Cumella, 2005). Since exercises are highly encouraged for healthy living and commonly accepted by the society addiction cannot be identified easily (Cox & Orford, 2004) In our society males and females have opposite views on their body image. Thinness is preferred by most of the females while masculinity is preferred by most of males. Therefore both genders engage in exercises to obtain their desired body image in addition to health benefits. Like some other psychological conditions addiction to exercise may have a gender specific tendency. However research evidence are lacking in this area. Therefore it is important to identify any gender difference in exercise addiction. Apparently healthy 100 males and 100 females who are regular members of a gym and between 20 to 30 years of age are selected randomly from the membership registry. Members who are athletes and who have medical conditions (heart disease, pregnancy, hypertension etc.) which limit the exercises and who are known to have any psychological disorders are excluded. Questionnaire: consisted of personal details such as age, occupation etc. and several psychological questions to identify exercise addiction. These questions have a marking scale and according to the final score and the

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