Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Course Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Course - Assignment Example Just due to personal choice, the researcher has selected evolution of Information Technology (IT) as the predictor for productivity. Horzella (37-53) pointed out that integration of IT has increased the productivity through four way mechanisms, 1- bring order to data management and streamlined the process flow, 2- increase the efficiency of communicating of information to stakeholders, 3- minimizing the possibility of committing human errors and human intervention and 4- due to exposure of technology, consumer surplus or perceived value of consumers has increased and companies have started giving importance in increasing production quality to satisfy the value perceptions of consumers. Horzella (37-53) pointed out that productivity of a system is dependent on three factors such as gathering the input, processing the input and producing the output. IT has integrated information of these three steps simultaneously and such integration is the key reason behind increase in productivity. Question 2 Sulek, Marucheck and Lind (711-27) stated that process flow in restaurant is directly related to steps in the operation process. The transformation model in restaurant can be depicted in the following fashion. In case of restaurants, inputs are the raw food materials, vegetables, meat, papers for creating menu card, lights, decoration materials etc. Restaurant itself is a product and architectures, ambience, decoration; seating arrangement is part of the service mix of restaurants. In case of transformation, three types of resources are being processed in restaurant such as, 1- material resources and physical raw material inputs, 2- information about the product quality or service delivery is being processed and 3- requirement of customers also gets processed through the service cycle. In case of restaurants, outputs include food service, catering, visual treatment and goods such as food and beverages. In restaurants, feedback information is being used to control quality of the operational system. For example, a customer might complain about the hardness of potato to waiter and the waiter sends the feedback to chef and based on the feedback, the chef might change the potato in order to offer better dining experience to patron. Question 3 Sulek, Marucheck and Lind (711-27) and other researchers pointed out that the service and manufacturing industry is going through the transition phase and companies are trying to integrate all the data points in cost effective manner. Converting the manual process into more efficient through system automation is not only becoming a trend but also giving options to companies to bank on it order to increase productivity. In such context, I believe that IT is reaching its maturity stage in terms of affecting global and national productivity. Careful consideration of the research works of Horzella (37-53) reveals the fact that conjoint implementation of IT and online transformation can influence the productivity up to a great extent. Hence, according to me, three verticals such as system automation, online transformation and data management & big data analytics are going to be the â€Å"next big thing† in the field of productivity management. Companies are developing complex production systems which run on information and data feeding and in many cases, data set for running the productivity system becomes so large and complex that normal computer program

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