Friday, October 18, 2019

1. What is meant by 'value' and how it is different from 'principle' Assignment

1. What is meant by 'value' and how it is different from 'principle' 2. Plan on how you will enhance your 'interpersonal skills' - Assignment Example Interpersonal skills generate effective channels in the external environment of a given individual. Developing interpersonal skills requires building rigid relationships between family members, neighbors and workers. This process entails reciprocating favors, appreciating existing relationship within given environments (Wright, 2007). Ethical behavior dictates individual position within a society. Team unity originates from reliable ethical behavior and professionalism. Various organizations demand various levels of interpersonal relations. Identifying personal goals builds focus on decisive directions for an individual or group. Empathy is a virtue that promotes interpersonal skills and depicts equality and generosity. Personal ethics require a routine regulation to improve interpersonal skills. This development mandates an assessment of individual ethics. As such integrity plays a significant role towards developing behavior and character. Developing exceptional character entails evaluating individual deeds based on the effect on other people’s lives. Conflict resolution is an indicator of developing interpersonal skills. Rendtorff, J. D. (2010). Power And Principle In The Market Place On Ethics And Economics. Farnham, Surrey, England, Ashgate.

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