Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Moral Development Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Moral Development Theory - Essay Example hn’s attack attracted a lot of media attention and Ronald, who was in charge of the warders welfare, ordered a raid in the prison cells in search of weapons and in the process some of the inmates were badly injured and some succumbed to their injuries. This move was applauded by most people as they believed this would make criminals learn to behave well and respect the prison warders. Kohlberg’s first stage of moral thought is obedience and punishment orientation, where a set of rules handed over by the authority should be obeyed unquestionably and failure to obey leads to punishment. This reasoning is evident in how Mary kept quiet for a prolonged period, while John took advantage of her for fear of the consequences. As an inmate, Mary was expected to obey the prison warder. In the second stage of thought, that is individualism and exchange, Mary may have put up with John’s abuse hoping that he will either put in a good word for her, which may facilitate state pardon or favor her in some way hoping her life would be bearable in prison. Stage three of moral thought is good interpersonal relationship; this is where one lives to the expectations of the family and community. Ronald who was in charge of the warders, on hearing the news that an inmate, had assaulted one of the warders even without trying to find out why, he opted to raid the prison cells in search of weapons in order to fulfill the expectations of the community. His action showed true concern for the prison warders who were at risk of being attacked by the inmates. Stage four of moral development, deals more with the social order (Crain, 1985). This has to do with the societal perspective or societal expectations. This is revealed when Ronald became brutal with the inmates in order to protect his image and that of the other prison warders; as he was expected to do by the society. The fifth stage of moral reasoning is about social contracts and individual rights. This reasoning is where

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