Friday, October 4, 2019

Faith as a Comprehension of Nature and Reality Essay

Faith as a Comprehension of Nature and Reality - Essay Example   Angel Gabriel approached him and proclaimed him as Allah’s messenger to spread the faith among the Arabian people. Consequently, he openly announced to the people that he was Allah’s prophet commissioned divinely to guide the Arabians to a monotheistic faith. Muhammad condemned idol worshipping that was prevalent among the people but contrary to expectation, his own people turned against him and abused him. Some Arabs planned to kill him, prompting him to seek refuge in Medina. Surprisingly, he gathered more followers in Medina while he preached his religion. Apparently, Muslims believe in five pillars of Islam. The first statement is Allah is the only God and his messenger is Muhammad. Secondly, every person must pray five times each day while facing Mecca. The third is offering of alms and the fourth pillar is fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, which happens to be the ninth month in the Muslim year. The fifth pillar is making of the pilgrimage once in an individual’s lifetime (Lewis & Buntzie, 43). Muslims worship in a mosque and in every mosque, there is a place where individuals leave their shoes. However, the mosque has no furniture or statues because we believe that they are blasphemous. Women also go to worship in the mosque but sit separately from men as a sign of modesty and avoiding distraction, but mostly women pray at home. Moreover, Islam religion values and respects women highly. The Holy Quran depicts equality of both women and men before God.

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