Monday, October 7, 2019

IT Strategy to open a new office store in Rio de Janeiro Essay

IT Strategy to open a new office store in Rio de Janeiro - Essay Example It aims to continue expanding its market from its regional Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This information is the start off point in development of an Information Technology strategy that will enable the company to establish and operate at the regional office in Brazil. The technology strategy is a framework that helps in managing technology oriented businesses like Apple Inc. The Brazilian economy is reputed for better performances than that of other economies in the South American Countries. The economic stability of the country is improving in all aspects, having grown at the rate of 7.5% in 2010 (Baer 76). There is more investor confidence in the country and the sector of technology which fall under communication is also developing. The choice of Rio de Janeiro is attributed to the growth in the country economy and thus a growing market for Apples products. Rio is the second largest city in Brazil and it’s the capital of Brazil. With its population and its economi c viability, it is a perfect location for the new regional headquarters. The company’s customers will include the students, professionals and companies who are many in the country of Brazil. The country is also said to receive many visitors which will also ensure the company’s product has a larger market (Baer 78). ... It will conduct consumer education on its product on behalf of Apple in Brazil. It will also give the company, the feedback on its products and the market trends. The office will conduct research on the market in Brazil and provide a feedback to the main office. It will monitor the trends and respond accordingly when necessary. The regional office will work together with the management of the headquarters to discuss on how to improve the products with the results of the research conducted in the specific country. The regional office will also be charged with the responsibility of finding employees of the company The company’s mission, vision statement will also be in line with the company’s interest. It will also find ways to deal with the competitors in this specific market. The mission will be in line with the headquarters mission so as to ensure the retention of brand uniformity and identity. The mission statement will be to take innovation to a level that will incre ase the performance of human resource to improve on the system and structure stability. This particular mission statement is derived from the main mission statement mentioned in the company’s main office. The mission statement should be followed and executed to ensure the success of the company being developed. The regional office should also be reflected in the regional office in full. The vision statement refers to the aims of a company. It summarizes the goals of a company and it forms the basis of the establishment of the company and its continuity (Lynch 372). It is an illustration of the company’s commitment to provision of better products and services. The vision and mission statement shows the direction the company wants to take. By

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