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Project proposal Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project proposal - Dissertation Example al., 2011; Amoako, 2011). The research will therefore focus on the effect of staff training on enhancing the experiences of the customers visiting McDonald’s. The research will further help to evaluate the different techniques employed by the management of the company in training their staff for maintaining effective relationships with their customers. The globally renowned foodservice retailer McDonald’s has in excess of 33,500 restaurants serving around 68 million people across 119 countries every day. The company employs more than 1.7 million personnel worldwide. Although 80% of the restaurants are franchised, McDonald’s is committed in providing best-in-class products and services in each of its restaurants spread across the world. Furthermore, Diversity and inclusion is a part of the company’s culture which has helped the company in maintaining effective relations with vast number of people from various cultural backgrounds (McDonalds, 2012). Limitati ons In this modern world, it has been recognised that companies in the hospitality and food chain industry integrate innovative strategies to train their employees for enhancing customer relationships and experiences regarding their service. Thus, the study involves a wide range of researches from the primary sources. However, due to the appropriateness and unavailability of adequate information, this research will consider taking both primary and secondary sources (Olejnik & Algina, 2000; Bazeley, 2004). Overall Research Aim The aim of the research is to analyse the effects of staff training in McDonald’s for enhancing the experiences of the customers. Furthermore, the research will focus on identifying the different and innovative strategies which are employed by McDonald’s in providing efficient training to their employees. Specific Research Questions The research will be conducted in order to evaluate the answers for the following questions: 1. What is the relation ship between employee performance and customer experience in the food chain industry? 2. What are the staff training aims and strategies initiated by McDonald’s? 3. How staff training acts as a determining variable towards effective customer experiences in McDonald’s? Research Methodology Research methodology is referred to a structured framework through which the research is conducted for generating appropriate results. In other words, it is the identification of appropriate methods which will result in deriving the desired objectives and aims of the research (Spratt & et. al., 2004). According to Brannen (2009), there are three types of research methods, namely, qualitative, quantitative and mixed approach. The author further stated that mixed approach has however gained rapid popularity. In the mixed approach, both qualitative and quantitative results are derived for appropriately fulfilling the objectives as well as to remain in focus with the research aims (Branne n, 2009; Flowers, 2009). In the proposed research, the qualitative results will be evaluated by reviewing various numbers of journals and books written by popular scholars. On the

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