Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity Assignment

The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity - Assignment Example There were pros and cons to the process, however. They are expressed as strong and weak points of the process, positive and negative experiences as well as positive and negative feelings. The process was strong in that we all had great ideas to proffer to our project, but weak in that we had a difficult time discerning which ideas to implement. Furthermore, the positive experience was that we were able to bring it all together in the end. The negative experience was that often times some of the group was hearing the other members but not really listening to them. His elicited some negative feelings along the way. When waves off the opinions of others as unimportant, it creates feelings of opposition instead of cooperation. In the end, however, the completion of our project made everyone feel accomplished. These are some of the dualistic challenges one meets while working with others. We achieved our aims, but if I had another chance, I would like to change how we approached the recommendations. Nevertheless, I have obtained useful expertise from the project such as understanding how a major global enterprise has implemented innovation not only to survive but also to prevail in business.

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