Thursday, October 3, 2019

Makes progress Essay Example for Free

Makes progress Essay Please be informed that I am hiring Steve Ripiey as sales representative. He is the most qualified candidate and his credentials are impressive. I would dare say they are just a little less than perfecta recent MBA from UCLA, a successful summer internship at AgFunds (graduated as top trainee), and a stint overseas as an economic analyst for the U. S. Government. More than what we see on paper, he is motivated, hungry, talented and ambitious. I talked to the guy and he is personable, quick-witted, bright, and an excellent conversationalist. He has the makings of a successful sales representative. He can win people and I believe he can turn this district upside down. This may be a melodramatic argument but this is what this company needs right now. This district has been in a slow state for the past 15 years and it needs shaking up. We have been losing customers for the past 15 years and we lost a lot of them. It was not because we had a black guy in-charge. It was poor management that brought us here. Now, we all know that we need a jump-start to make this company thrive again. And Steve is the powerhouse we need make it happen. We operate in a color-conscious district, I know, but we can use this to our advantage. We have a window of opportunity here to make something else happen. I am talking about a revolution. Our company is revitalizing and we should give it new blood. We will be having new clients. We will also be having new representatives. It is not a far-fetched idea that our new clients will learn to accept our new representatives irrespective of race or creed. We have not much to lose here. Our company is not in its prime right now. We are just starting anew. However, we have a lot to gain if we change our â€Å"unwritten policies† on hiring. There is a message we can make here with this decision to hire Steve. We are saying that we look at professionalism at everything we do and our clients can trust that we will also be professional in dealing with them. We hire because of competence and we hire only the best people irrespective of skin color. And that is a noble stand any company could make. On another note, we could at least give Steve a fighting chance. We owe it to him since he graduated as our top trainee. We should at least try to see how he performs out there in the field. I am confident that he can win the customers with his personality. He has the faculties to do so and I believe they will learn to accept him. I am confident that Steve has the capability to exceed our expectations. Rest assured that I have full confidence in him. There is no need to fear if we can not promote him if he fails his first assignment or if we lose profits because our customers will not buy from him. We will make his promotion dependent on his performance. If he performs well, he is promoted and we gain profits. If he does not, he does not get promoted. All we lose is the opportunity of sales. I am asking you not just to see the long run. See also the big picture. Racial inhospitality is limited only to certain regions. And unfortunately, we are in one of them. However, our company will grow much bigger in not so long now and Steve is too much of a talent to waste. See that it is possible that we will be operating in the multinational or international level in the near future. If we will not hire him in this district just because of limits set only by this district, we are being myopic and we will lose more. Steves career path is his own choice. He is smart. He is already aware of what he is going into if he takes this job. He knows the challenges he has to hurdle if he takes this job. But it is of great incentive to us if he still takes this job despite the circumstances. It means he is willing to take risks. We need someone like that right now. The same should go for uswe should also be willing to take risks. Think about the turtle: it only makes progress when it sticks its head out.

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